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Selection processes are documented by PWCA Rules.  The selection process can be followed on the PWCA Web site at PWCA Competition Rules Season 2017

These may be updated. Pilots are onerous to study updated rules and regulations.

General Info.  Extract for information

World Cup Events
1. The maximum number of participants for Bright PWC is 120 pilots. This number includes up to 5 wildcards for the organizer, up to 3 wildcards for the PWCA and any partner wildcards. Partners are given one wildcard per year.

2. More than 120 pilots may be selected for overbooking reasons.
3. A minimum of 10% of the places are reserved for female pilots.
4. Places of pilots not showing up at the competition cannot be taken by other pilots, except organiser wildcards.
5. The World Cup Office will carry out the selection process as described in Appendix A.2.
6. Applications for wildcards must be submitted to the World Cup Office at least 8 weeks before the competition.

A.2 Selection Process for World Cup Events
1. In every PWCA selective competition, pilots can obtain a qualification letter (A, B, C,…) according to the competition’s level (see Table A-3) and their rank in that competition.
2. For every World Cup event, the World Cup Office selects pilots according to their two best competition results from the previous season, by comparing their two highest letters.

Selection deadline for all pilots
1. Confirmation of selection will be sent by Email to each pilot 3 months before each competition and the selection lists are published on the web site
2. A selected pilot must pay his Registration fee to the World Cup Office within 7 days.
3. Any selected pilot not paying within 7 days will be given a reminder, and will be able to keep his place by paying the entry fee plus an administration fee of €20 within the next 2 days.
4. When the selected pilot has paid his Registration fee, he is considered a confirmed pilot.
5. The selection list on the PWCA website will show: confirmed pilots – pilots with payment in progress – waiting list – wildcard pilots 8 days later

Payment deadline
1. Pilots who have not paid their registration fee by this date are removed from the selection list.
2. The list will be filled up with the best-ranked pilots on the waiting list. Those pilots have 7 days (plus a further 2 days if they pay an administration fee of €20) to send their payment to the World Cup Office.
3. If necessary, this procedure is repeated as many times as necessary until the entry list is filled.

Table A-1: Selection Process for World Cup events

A.2.1 Additional rules
1. Female pilots are selected using their results in overall rankings, not the female rankings.
2. The previous season’s Super Final, if fully valid, is selective for the current Super Final in the same way as a fully valid World Cup event.
3. All World Cup Champions are always selected with “AA” qualification letters.
4. The results of the current season are not used for selection, except Paragliding World Cup events.
5. Qualification letter upgrade due to good results during the season in World Cup events will be accepted on pilots’ request. If this is done less than three months before the next event, and the upgraded letters are higher than the highest letters in the waiting list, such pilots will be put at the beginning of the waiting list.
6. A competition can only be used once for selection. For example, when a competition is at the same time an Open and a national championship, a pilot can only submit the better of his two results from that competition.
7. If a pilot is not able to provide good enough competition result for selection, he cannot participate unless he is granted an organizer or PWCA wildcard.
8. Pilots with a ranking below the letter “N” get an “X”.
9. XX ranked pilots are never selected unless they receive a wildcard, even if the event is not full.
10. Pilots registering after the registration deadline will be placed at the end of the waiting list, but before pilots with qualification letter “X”. The PWCA offers the opportunity for a late-registered pilot to recover their place according to their qualification letters upon payment of an administration fee of €50.
11. In the case of late registration and late results declaration, only a single fee of €50 is payable to recover the pilots place and to allow the results to be used.
12. If a pilot was injured, or was otherwise unable to compete, the previous year and submits appropriate documentation to the World Cup Office, the World Cup Committee may take into account results of the season previous to the one where the injury occurred. If the pilot was out of action for two seasons, then any results so used will be devalued by one letter. If the pilot was out of action for more than two seasons, then previous results cannot be used.
13. PWCA Wildcards are granted by the PWCA Committee for the following reasons:
a. In recognition of outstanding service to the PWCA,
b. If the applicant is acknowledged as a paragliding “Hero”,
c. In the case of special circumstances.

A.2.2 World Cup Selective Events
1. The following events are World Class events:
a. All World Cup events
2. The following events are World Cup Class 1 events:
a. National championships (national ranking)
b. National leagues
c. Open national championships (open ranking)
d. Other international Open competitions (CIVL), as decided by the World Cup Committee
e. Pre-World Cup events

3. All PWCA Class 1 events must be announced on the PWCA calendar, see
4. Dates, information and results must be sent as soon as possible to
5. Each nation is allowed to submit two rankings, usually championship and league.
This is to guarantee that all competition pilots from all active paragliding countries in the World have the possibility to have at least two qualification letters.
6. The previous season’s league and championship results must be submitted by the organisers to the World Cup Office for pilot selection no later than 3 months before a World Cup event.
7. The PWCA may not accept events that are not advertised in advance on the PWCA calendar, or events for which the results are not submitted to the PWCA office in time.
8. The PWCA Committee reserves the right to devalue, replace or not use a ranking that does not allow a fair comparison between different pilots.
9. All competition results, including World Cup events and Pre World Cup events, with less than 1800 points for the overall winner will be devalued by one level, and those with less than 1100 points will be devalued by two levels (see A.2.3 Nation Levels).
10. Pre World Cup events are level 3 but are devalued by one level if there are less than 50 pilots present, and by a further level if there are less than 30 pilots present, as well as any devaluation due to the winner’s points.
11. If a national championship could not take place, the World Cup Office will take into account the results of the previous year’s championship, devalued by one level (see A.2.3 Nation Levels).
Competition Rules Season 2016 07.04.2016 A-5
12. For open national championships, the overall open results are taken into account for all foreign pilots. The national ranking is taken into account for all pilots of the hosting nation.
13. When a national championship consists of several open competitions flown in foreign countries, and with at least 10% foreign pilots, open results of individual events or the overall championship results – whichever are better – are taken into account for the foreign pilots.
14. When an open competition includes several national championships, the level of this Open for foreign pilots is the one of the best-classed country. For National pilots, only the pilots from that country are considered, and their own country level is used instead of the Open level. Pilots will receive the best letter gained by considering their Open result or their National result; clearly the pilot may not use
both the Open and National results.
Example: Nordic Open: Norway (4) + Sweden (5) + Denmark (5) + Finland (6) = Level 4 for foreign
15. In case of multiple national championships or league results from a single country (e.g. Japan) the PWCA Committee will decide the level for these results.
16. If a country does not organize a national championship, the PWCA Committee can select a major Open event as a replacement.

A.2.3 Nation Levels
1. To be able to compare national results from all over the World, countries are ranked from level 1 to level 7.
2. Level 1 is the highest. Countries without any results are ranked level 7, and countries cannot be devalued to be worse than level 7.
3. The nation level table is calculated using the rankings of the best three pilots of each country who have scored during the previous season in any World Cup event, and the best three pilots in the last FAI World Championship.
4. When a nation does not have three pilots ranked, the table is filled with the rankings of the last-ranked pilot.
5. The nation score is computed with a factor of 2 for World Cup results and 1 for FAI results, in relation to the maximum possible rating.
6. The nation scores of nations with fewer pilots at the FAI World Championship than in the PWC events of that season are lowered by 50 points for each pilot.
Example: Three pilots count for Andorra in the PWC, but only one pilot from Andorra competed in the FAI World Championship. Therefore, Andorra’s nation score is lowered by 100 points.
7. The nation rating is updated every year at the end of the season.
8. The points required for each level are given in Table A-2.

A.2.4 Qualification Letter Table
The Qualification Letter Table shows the achieved letter for each ranking based on a competition’s level. It is given in Table A-4.

Table A-4: Qualification Letter Table