Media Coverage

SBS News Interview - with Pedram Shiari

See SBS interview one of the Bright PWC 2018 pilots Pedram Shiari. 

Today Show

Today Show discusses the start of the Paragliding World Cup

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WIN News - Albury (Facebook feed)

Podcast Interview - Gavin McClurg & David Snowden

Back in September, Gavin McGlurg interviewed Dave Snowden. He covered plans for the PWC and the background, successes and the team dynamics of the Australian Squad.

If you’ve not heard it, I can highly recommend it. Given that the PWC is on now, it is a timely insight into all the work that has gone on by Dave, Brian and others to make it happen. 
There is a real sense of a vision coming to fruition through hard work, dedication and indeed, some great strategic thinking, for both the PWC and the Australian Squad.

It’s also interesting to compare to what happens in Europe and the USA when it comes to developing pilots.

ABC Interview with Kari Ellis

Check out this morning’s ABC’s interview on Paragliding pilot, Kari Ellis and the Paragliding World Cup. Kari also talks about the misconception of the sport and how safe it actually is!

Paragliding World Cup @ Bright Official Promo Video


A huge source of photographs taken by a variety of different photographers.  All photos are welcome to be used but please ensure you credit the photo to any photographers watermarks shown on them.

Closing Ceremony Photos - Credit to Laura Sepet

General Photos over the Course of the Bright PWC 2018 event - Credit to numerous photographers

Live Video Streaming

Presentation night for Bright PWC 2018

Join us with live video feed on presentation night for the Bright PWC 2018.  Great fun had by everyone as pilots and staff were celebrated for their efforts over the past week.
Jacqx Bryanna interviewing Filipe Rezende

Interview with Felipe Rezende for Flow Paragliders

A behind the scenes interview with the creator of Flow Paragliders - Felipe Rezende owner of a passionate, up and coming Australian company taking on the big boys in the Paragliding world.
Jacqx Bryanna interviewing Filipe Rezende

Timelapse of Launch @ Bright PWC 2018 - Mystic

Want to see 125 world class pilots launch from one of Australia's most beautiful launch sites?  Then check out this brilliant time-lapse video.

Credit to David Coleman

Interview with Midori Nakanome? 

A quick interview with one of the worlds top female pilots Midori Nakanome at Mystic Launch in Bright Victoria while waiting for Task 5 to be announced.
Jacqx Bryanna interviewing Midori  Nakanome

Interview with Honorin Hamard - Free fly day at Bright PWC 2018 

It's a free fly day for pilots at Bright PWC 2018 after Task 5 was cancelled due to weather. We managed to catch the competition leader Honorin Hamard on launch and ask some hard hitting questions like "have you seen a kangaroo yet?". ‚Äč
Jacqx Bryanna interviewing Honorin Hamard

Live Streaming - Task 5 at Launch @ Bright PWC 2018 - Mystic

Unfortunately Task 5 was cancelled due to bad weather, but launch is always a great spot to be.

Credit to Marcel Schopfer

At Launch for Task 4 - Mystic @ Bright PWC

A must watch if you want to be surrounded by a massive gaggle of pilots at relatively low altitude. 
Live at Mystic after the go-ahead has been for Task 4.  Nothing better than watching 125 pilots launch!  
Jacqx Bryanna

What does a Task look like? 

Live at Mystic Launch for the Bright PWC - Task 4. 
Ever wondered what an actual task looks like?  Take a behind the scenes look at what the pilots see when they are allocated a task. 
Jacqx Bryanna interviewing David Snowden

At Goal for the End of Task 4

Live in the Mystic LZ waiting for the pilots to land after a tough task that saw only 19 pilots make it to goal.
Jacqx Bryanna

Watch videos of the tasks as they come to hand at the Paragliding World Cup TV.

See the latest PWCA results here.

Click here to see the complete list of pilots taking part in the Bright PWC event

The Competition

The Competition is administered under the PWC Regulations 2017 with due regard to HGFA & NEVHGC Regulations and Local Rules.

The competition is sanctioned by the Paragliding World Cup Association committee & registered as an FAI catagory 2 event.


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Competition Dates & Locations

The competition is a 7 day Cross Country Race paragliding competition, running from
Saturday 17th to Saturday 24th February 2018
The first Saturday will be allocated a non-scoring training day.

The Head Quarters for administrative matters and pilot checking in/ out will be based at the Bright Community Center in Bright township.

The majority of competition activities are based around the Mystic Flight Park in Bright with flight arena covering Ovens and Keiwa region.

We may use the Gundowring or Buckland Ridge launch which is 4 wheel drive access only, where a multi-vehicle shuttle service will be provided.   Non-official vehicles will not be permitted access to these remote sites.

This competition  will provide transport to launch and retrieve service for all competition pilots and accredited personnel.

Our Sponsors

The Australian Paragliding World Cup 2018 is hosted by the
North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club (NEVHGC)

The event is proudly supported and sponsored by: